Loading Culture Platform

Index : Website
Year : 2023
Collaboration : Irini Gleglakou
Mentoring : Alice Franchetti, Vera van de Seyp

Loading Culture is a collaborative platform that aims to showcase creative works while fostering transparency within the creative industry. Our mission is to spark constructive conversations and highlight creative people’s work across diverse creative fields. The platform offers a wide range of assets, including articles and live broadcasts, as well as a large database of information such as applications, businesses, events, studies and resources relating to the Swiss creative field. By giving everyone a chance to express themselves in whichever form they choose, the platform's main purpose is to contribute towards making the creative industry more transparent and accessible. Although our platform is currently in the prototype stage, we are actively developing it and look forward to its launch in the near future. Stay tuned: loadingculture.ch + @loadingculture.ch