Navigating the Design Industry as a Newcomer

Index : Editorial
Year : 2023
Collaboration : Irini Gleglakou
Mentoring : Lara Kothe
Interviews : Alessio Borando, Stefan Hürlemann, Balmer Hählen
Printing and binding : Cric print
Dimensions : 185x255 mm
Page : 108

This thesis explores the challenges and opportunities in graphic design today. It focuses on four fundamental pillars: design education, ensuring a fair income, navigating social media and online self-promotion, and addressing the apprehension of being left behind by emerging technologies. How do our individual needs, ambitions and desires fit into the wider context of a changing world ? What is our role as designers in this social and technological landscape ? Who are we as designers, and who do we care about ? Through a meticulous examination of diverse resources, including personal experiences, insightful articles, and enlightening interviews, our extensive research provided us with valuable insights into how to navigate the design industry as newcomer designers.